I am a Christchurch-born artist who grew up with an ordinary childhood dream to run away and join the Circus. At 16, I started realising the actual means to make this dream come true, at a place of creativity and difficult, dangerous spectacle known as Circo Arts, the only school of its kind in New Zealand. As my training progressed, I realised I had an unusually bendy spine for someone my age, and I played to my strengths and started training specially to improve my flexibility, and became a contortionist. And that’s how it all began.
Now, I aim to combine Circus with music in as many ways as possible, having been a violinist/guitarist as well from age 2, and haven’t looked back ever since. I now regularly travel around performing and teaching wherever I go. I currently hold the proud title of ‘New Zealand’s Only Professional International Male Contortionist.’

For the present, the acts that I have on offer are:

  • The Hopeless Romantic and
  • The Bendy Beachgoer,

among other things.

These characters are the first of many that I could become, with a little imagination, the sky’s the limit, so if my current repertoire isn’t *quite* what you’re looking for, I can create something new for you! {Though I shall need to be informed well in advance.}

Requirements for all acts are: Stage space of about 3-4 metres deep, 4-5 metres high, 6-7 metres wide, with at least a metre or more between myself and the front row audience if we are on the same floor level. Relatively smooth, slide-worthy floorspace, (hardwood will do just fine,) it must be sprung as well, and at least an hour for getting costume, make-up and warm-up all organised, not to mention a warm, private place to do them all. Sound system of course, able to take music from a USB flash drive with pre-selected soundtrack.

The varieties of event-type I have performed for are virtually limitless, ranging from theatrical productions/other stage performances to corporate/business functions, private birthday parties (within reason) and even weddings… basically, any venue that has enough space, and is preferably indoors.

The show must go on!